Troy Elmore

Surfer-shaper Troy Elmore offers up classic California shapes with clean lines—fishes, squash-tailed mid-lengths, eggs, and longboards. Troy is his own test subject, his shapes are rooted in tradition and refined according to his contemporary approach to riding waves.

The Submarine is a take on boards people surfed during the transition era, between long and short. It has a low rocker, rolled bottom, and vee off the tail. This board glides into waves with ease, offers big smooth bottom turns, and effortless speed.

The Easy Pin is a classic all around log, very forgiving and easy to surf. It has a subtle nose concave, a smooth rolled bottom, and a symmetrical rocker designed for fluid turns, trimming, quick nose-rides, and lots of glide. This board works great in all types of waves.

The Sam’s Club is a rendition of Nat Young's infamous "Magic Sam.” It's an all-around log with a slightly pulled in nose and tail block, yet a nice middle width. A gentle nose concave moves into a slight roll through the middle and out the tail, making for a multifaceted, versatile longboard that turns well off the tail and provides stability on the nose.


This is an example of the types of boards we carry from this shaper.
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