Todd Pinder

Todd Pinder brings intergenerational maritime knowledge to his boards. The Oahu-based, Key West-raised shaper has been working on boards since his teens, supplemented with stints in boat yards and a family culture of build/fix it yourself. Pinder builds highly sought longboards and mid-lengths. He learned under the legendary Joe Quigg and has made boards for the likes of Joel and Josh Tudor. We carry a range of his shapes, from mid-lengths in the style of Skip Frye to noseriders to 11’ gliders.

The ModMachine is a well-balanced, squash tail, mid-length. Think a cruisy, scaled up short board with a penchant for top to bottom flow, controlled turns, and lots of wave-catching volume. Turned down rails offer trim and straight line speed. Todd surfs these up to overhead.

The Ala Bing is a highly versatile noserider with consistent, low entry nose to tail rocker and fairly parallel rails. Like all of Pinder’s boards, the Ala Bing has refined rails for lots of wave engagement and trim. The bottom is flat at the nose and tail for noseriding and lift through turns, with a belly in the middle to reduce drag in trim.


This is an example of the types of boards we carry from this shaper.
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