Thomas Surfboards

Thomas Surfboards, based out of Noosa Heads, Australia, is driven by shaper Thomas Bexon and glasser Jake Bowrey, who produce some of the most sought after logs on the planet.

The Bill Pin is derived from the Keeper for more agility in the pocket and tighter turns. The area pin tail and rail profile makes for high speed trimming and quick direction changes.

The Hariot is an involvement style board, with foiled rails, a rolled bottom and a gradual rocker throughout. A thumb tail allows for fluid rail to rail surfing and a narrow nose for sneaking into tight pockets - retaining plenty of room for a noseride.

The High Heel is a mish mash of Thomas models that coalesced into a well-rounded, well-balanced board. Karina Rozunko’s favorite model, it’s got a medium concave, pinched (but not too much) rails and a mildly rolled bottom for quick rail to rail movement. 


This is an example of the types of boards we carry from this shaper.
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