Surfboards California by Christian Beamish

Surfboards California come from the hands of surfer/shaper/writer Christian Beamish in Carpinteria, CA.

The Rab80 is channel-bottom, squash-tail single-fin, the Rab80 is named for the Hot Stuff board Rabbit rode at Burleigh Heads in the film “Stormriders”. The concept is a board that can be ridden with glide and composure, but also a design for cutting loose.

The Old School Twin is an ode to the 80s style fishes being ridden around California. The outline is on the wider side and the trails down into a double winged swallow. The rails area boxy and full staying true to the era. The rocker profile is minimal with just a bit of lift in the nose. It features excellent paddling and positive drive with a rail profile that makes for dynamic, old-school power surfing.


See here for our past interview with Christian Beamish.


This is an example of the types of boards we carry from this shaper.
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