Son of Cobra

French-born, California-based shaper Paul Lefevre
learned the ropes as a glasser—learning in Australia, then with Tristan Mausse of Fantastic Acid in the South of France, then for …Lost in California before setting off on his own with Son of Cobra. Lefevre offers a considered selection of designs—inspired by classic, time-tested shapes with added curves (as he likes to say—rocker and outline) for on-rail surfing and that feeling of speed.

The Round Pin is a well-balanced log at home in both tight corners and long walls. Its midpoint is back of center, with a round pin tail and a pulled in nose platform for smooth turns. A single concave near the nose goes flat in the middle to a spiral vee out the tail—stable in trim, easy rail to rail from the back half of the board. 


This is an example of the types of boards we carry from this shaper.
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