Somma Special Designs

The Daydream Hull, designed around the punchy beach breaks of Newport Beach and well-suited to our local conditions. Inspired by Marc Andreini's Vaquero, the Daydream Hull has a similar outline with a little more thickness all throughout the board and a lower rocker profile.

The Cochon is a modern Pig-style longboard featuring a reverse rocker, rolled bottom contours, wide point aft, soft rails, and a subtle blended nose concave. This all translates to a log that can be ripped harder than the average classic shape and still noserides beautifully in the pocket. 

The Ham and Cheese is built with tip time in mind. A parallel template with a blunt nose and wide tail create a moving side-walk feel, but the secret sauce is the vee bottom combined with rocker lift and a scooped deck in aft end, resulting in levitating nose rides.


This is an example of the types of boards we carry from this shaper.
For available models and sizes please email
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