Shyama Buttonshaw Designs

Shyama Buttonshaw lives, surfs, and shapes in Bells Beach, Australia. He learned from legends—Simon Anderson and Maurice Cole—and it shows in the level of finish on his high-performing crafts.

The SB Twin is a descendant of the MR Twin, updated with modern ingredients. The contemporary rocker profile sweeps through the tail, encouraging top to bottom surfing. Single concave throughout for lift and rail control. It retains fairly parallel rails, plenty of volume through nose and deck, and is flat enough to get a surfer into stomach-high surf, but is a hurricane season dream.

The Mini Glider is a full bodied egg, its bottom has a slight roll in the middle moving to flat in the tail for carrying lift through turns. This is a classic, do-it-all mid length, offering flow and fun from knee to shoulder high. 

The Glider is a pulled-in longboard– a narrowed tail and nose make it agile in tight, beach break corners. A slightly rolled bottom flattens out near the tail, foiled rails offer trim and down the line speed, a tiny tail kick provides some grab in the pocket. Fun and cruisy on small days, the Glider will come alive as the swell picks up too—Shyama rides one all the way up to double overhead at his home break.


This is an example of the types of boards we carry from this shaper.
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