Mencel Surfboards

Charles Mencel is a surfer-shaper-professor
working out of Monmouth County, NJ. He’s
extremely versatile in the shaping bay, turning
out everything from high performance shortboards to 11-footers.

Mencel’s Egg is an East Coast take on the California design. The wide point has been shifted just forward of center for hold during steep takeoffs. A low entry rocker and full deck offers an easy paddler on smaller days, and also makes this a good option for decent winter surf. Expect a good time from waist to head high. 

Skip Simmons comes from Skip Frye’s big board experiments in the early 90s, adapting some of Bob Simmons’s planing principles to 10’+ boards. In Mencel’s hands this design is the oft-wished-for combination of paddles like a longboard surfs like a shortboard. They offer exhilarating glide and speed in smaller surf and can, under an expert’s feet, perform in the pocket in overhead conditions. Charles is on to something special with these.


This is an example of the types of boards we carry from this shaper.
For available models and sizes please email
or give us a call at (718) 218-7456