Ellis Ericson

Ellis Ericson is one of the foremost expert
on the esoteric edge board. A George Greenough
concept,the edge board combines a displacement
hull with a highly efficient and narrower planing
surface in the middle. The result is a board with
exceptional hold in critical situations and
remarkable down the line speed in trim.
Trained by George Greenough himself,
Ericson builds his highly-refined boards
according to dogma: hot-wired from blocks
of stringer less EPS, glassed with a layer
of epoxy followed by a layer of ply.
The result is a light, responsive board
with just enough weight and dampness
(from the poly) to excel in a variety of conditions.

SOLD 5'6" Lite Kite

SOLD 5'8" Lite Kite

5'9" Lite Kite

SOLD 6'0" Lite Kite

6'7" Swallow Tail Quad

7'0" Swallow Tail Quad

7'4" Squash Quad

7'6" Squash Quad

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