Beau Foster

Beau Foster is a surfer-shaper working out of Australia’s central east coast. He studied under the legendary Maurice Cole, seeking designs that go as fast as possible. Darcy Day handles the lamination (as on Shyama’s boards) so you can expect an extremely high level of finish on all of his boards.

The Thruster Egg is a full bodied egg with a round pin tail. The bottom is flat through the middle moving into a slight vee through the tail—it’s quick to plane and catch waves on a small day. Down rails and the thruster fin configuration give this board hold the pocket, control through powerful sections and direction changes in better conditions.


The Stubbie Single has foiled rails combined with a rolled bottom, offering sensitive, responsive direction changes. The single channel reduces surface area and provides stability at speed. Plenty of volume for scratching into middling waves with the performance to handle the best of days as well, it’s one-board-quiver material.

The Round Pin Thruster is Foster’s take on a modern thruster, with inspiration from fellow Aussie Shyama Buttonshaw. Its rocker profile encourages top to bottom surfing, single concave all the way through for lift and rail control. The wide point falls just above the middle, sweeping down into the rounded pin, offering lively, tight-radius turns.



This is an example of the types of boards we carry from this shaper.
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