Jamie Brisick: Music + Memory


Welcome to Pilgrim Radio. Pilgrim Radio is a series of conversations, interviews, and playlists with personalities within the Pilgrim community. Today we have writer, journalist, filmmaker, and former pro surfer Jamie Brisick joining us. Jamie will have an ongoing series with us here, and you can also find him on his blog,  Wrestling Elephantswhere he publishes snippets of his memoir as well as interviews with characters he meets. We asked him to share a playlist and some thoughts on music and memory. Have a listen!

Jamie Brisick's Wrestling Elephants Playlist:

Tim Maia - "Que Beleza" (from the 'Racionale' album)
Silver Jews - "Trains Across The Sea"
Ty Segall - "Imaginary Person"
David Bowie - "Quicksand"
Arto Lindsay - "Erotic City"
Blake Mills - "Don’t Tell Your Friends About Me"
Can - "Swing Swan Song"
Steve Gunn - "Water Wheel"
Yo La Tengo - "Tom Courtenay"
Maria Muldaur - "Midnight At The Oasis"
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks - "Lariat"
Kurt Vile - “Was All Talk”
Blue Magic - "Sideshow"
Mt Egypt - "New Song”
Dirty Three - “It Happened”
Body/Head - “Actress”