Pilgrim Residency Program

The Pilgrim Residency Program is an invitational shaping residency that brings international board builders with a demonstrated commitment to the highest level of craft and design into conversation with our local surf scene. The program aims to foster interaction, dialogue, and a sharing of culture, technique, and history between resident shapers and local surfers. The residency takes place in our shaping facility, across Grand St. from our Brooklyn storefront.
Our first resident is Anglet-based shaper Tristan Mausse of Fantastic Acid. Tristan has a research-heavy approach to board design and makes very beautiful objects, and has developed a reputation for building progressive displacement hulls. During Tristan's tenure we'll host a couple of public events to expand opportunities for dialogue and cultural exchange.
Aaron and Drew Austin at King’s Glassing will be glassing all boards right here on Grand Street. 
While here Tristan is producing a batch of customs and a number of stock boards for the shop rack. For any general questions about our residency please email residency@pilgrimsurfsupply.com