Andrew Kidman Black Fish Surfboard Raffle

Win a Kidman Black Fish surfboard! 

  • $50 per ticket
  • only 60 tickets being sold

About the board:  5’8” Black Fish shaped by Andrew Kidman, wooden 8 x 5 keels by Larry Gephart. Featuring Derek Hynd and the artwork from the cover of Litmus hand painted in bronze ink by Andrew Kidman.

Only two of these boards made to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Litmus. One a 5’10” - a replica of the original Skip Frye made for Derek Hynd to surf Jeffrey’s Bay. Derek took the board to Jeffrey’s and it was made famous by Tom Curren when he rode it in the first Search film made by Sonny Miller. The original board featured 9 x 5 inch straight back, wooden keels made by Larry Gephart and had 12 inch wide tail. Derek had trouble controlling the speed of the 5’10” and asked Skip if he would make him a smaller board.

The second board [featured here] was a 5’8”. Derek asked Skip if he would pull the tail in to 11 inches so he could “bleed off the speed” -- Skip had set of Larry Gephart 8 x 5 inch keels he thought may make the board more responsive. Skip Frye recognises that Derek Hynd changed the Fish design when he made this board. This board was made in 1995. The Black Fish seen here is a replica of the 5’8” shaped by Andrew Kidman in 2016.

  • Come by the Brooklyn shop or call in your ticket 718-218-7456
  • Limited time only! Drawing will be announced when the last ticket is sold!