7’11” Mandala Clandestino


$ 1,250.00

7’11  x 21 1/2

Comments from Manny: The Clandestino is a tribute to the speed shapes of the transition era and the beginnings of high-performance surfing. The sweet spot finds focus over the wide-point behind center fulcrum, where rocker through the vee panel begins to accelerate as the template pulls in to the pintail. The bottom flows from hull entry to tri-plane hull, with each side panel blending into vee. A parabolic double-concave within the vee panel begins at the wide point and deepens as it directs water flow towards the tail. The rail-line rocker goes from high to low, with progressive edge in close harmony with the concaves. Expect insane trim speed, extended perception of time on the high-line, and cutbacks so hard you’ll make sound effects.

Shaper FAQ’s with Manny Caro: 

Where are you shaping and surfing?

Leucadia, California.  I surf mostly out in front of my house.  There’s a few uncrowded reefs and the crowds are mellow.

What year did you start shaping?

I shaped my first board in 2002.  It all started with just shaping for myself and my close friends.  Pretty soon I started getting orders for boards and by 2003 I had a waiting list.

What are you currently riding?

I’ve been experimenting with some deep swallowtailed boards with really small fins.  Elliptical designs have been fun when the waves get good.  I’m also rebooting my Stubbie line with an updated template called the California Stubbie—just a classic clean all-arounder that can be set up with almost any fin configuration.

What trends have you noticed in board design recently?

I’ve been seeing a collective evolution of the Mini-Simmons template moving towards less surface area and more responsive fin set-ups.  My customers have been requesting templates and rockers that are trending back to evolved Fish templates.

What’s your shaping philosophy?

Take your time and focus on the work—the old cliche still applies: “Quality, not quantity.”

Who is your biggest shaping influence?

It would be unfair to name just one, so I’ll name a few:  Rich Pavel for cryptic guidance during my early years of shaping fish, Marc Andreini for being generous with knowledge and templates, and Peter and Sally St. Pierre of Moonlight Glassing for giving me a home and showing me what it is to be “good people.”

What do you consider to be your expertise?

Staying up late and sleeping in, and maybe using a Skil 100.

Check out our video with Manny here.