6'0″ Mini Simmons


6'0″ Mini Simmons

$ 1,150

From Hydrodynamica

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From Hydrodynamica:

"The Mini-Simmons evolved during the filming of Hydroynamica. It has brought Simmons to life for an entire generation of surfers more than five decades after his death. Tales of Bob Simmons riding a short foam board at Windansea in the early Fifties inspired John Elwell and Richard Kenvin to commission a series of short EPS/epoxy planing hulls for the Hydrodynamica project in 2006. Another source of inspiration was a 5’6” Simmons-inspired, dual-finned planing hull that Al Nelson built and rode at Windansea in 1956.

The dimensions for the Mini-Simmons were taken directly from John Elwell’s original dual keeled Simmons board. The Mini Simmons is a classic dual keeled planing hull design and is the seed board for all the designs in the Hydrodynamica Test Pilot Series. This board is an excellent starting point for anyone who wants to have the planing hull experience. It is the widest, flattest, and fastest of all the designs in the line."