$ 950.00

Comments from Ellis Erison: An evolutionary continuation of my previous model the Matahari Twin. This new board features an additional break in the outline (sting) just behind center of the board. The bottom hard edge created by this break gives more initial speed and a longer edge produces great drive throughout turns. The 2nd Sting also provides a break in the outline that is situated between your feet when surfing – I’ve found this gives a nice pivot point for more vertical mid face surfing on a twin fin.

Deck : Slightly rolled, flat towards a beaked nose.

Rails (from nose) : Slight tucked edge up in the nose – into 70/30 down rail – into sudden hard bottom edge sting break – continues to have 30% deck rail roll through to tail.

Bottom : Flat entry to double concave into slight vee throughout tail.

Tail : Pin tail

Ideal Conditions : Sandbars 1-4 feet, Point breaks at 3-6 feet, Reef 4 – 6 feet

6’3 Matahari  x  20″ x  2 7/8″

Shaper FAQ’s with Ellis Ericson:

Where are you shaping and surfing? 

A little bit of everywhere. I just got back from a stint through Europe and the United States, but now I’m back at my house in Bali — shaping from my studio over here and surfing the various islands of Indonesia.

What year did you start shaping?

I’d always been around shaping surfboards as my father has always been a shaper. He always made my boards, and would drill me to fix my own dings and repairs, wet sand my board etc. But the first board I shaped by myself unassisted was around February 2009.

What are you currently riding?

It changes as frequently as the surf in Indonesia, I have a huge variety of waves to test equipment in. I’ve been having fun with a late ’80s bonzer that I’m learning a lot from, and I’ve been working hard on some of my twin fin designs, as well as harmonizing some of my single fin templates and rockers.

What trends have you noticed in board design recently?

It depends on which side of the surfboard industry you are talking about — I’m not really one to comment on it as I don’t really look toward trending design topics. I hope that the trend prevailing is functional surfboards over fashionable surfboards.

What’s your shaping philosophy?

To early in my shaping career for a philosophy but something based on being comfortable, accurate and efficient with a planer.

Who is your biggest shaping influence?

My father Bruce Ericson.

What do you consider to be your expertise?

At age 24, I feel so far from having an expertise on anything in my life. Although I’m grateful I have a surfing ability that allows me to test my boards to their potential, and that I have been passed the knowledge to create a surfboard with my own hands.

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