5’6″ Simster


5’6″ Simster

$ 1,075

5’6 x 20″ x 2 7/8″

From Hydrodynamica:

“The Simster was inspired by Simmons’ attempt to build Bev Morgan a short, tri-finned planing hull nearly sixty years ago. Morgan stubbornly insisted on a single fin and the short tri fin was never built. The Simster has the planing speed of a dual keel Mini-Simmons but with more directional control because of the small trailing fin. It features side fin keels that are designed for drive and long carves. These are placed next to a set of wings designed for maximum planing width. The Simster is an extremely versatile design and can be ridden shorter than a contemporary thruster. While this is a tri-fin board it has evolved from a fish and Simmons lineage. It has far more planing and paddling speed than a typical shortboard.”