5’5″ Tim Stamps FX


$ 1,000.00

Comments from Tim Stamps: “Born of our Quantum Quad fish design. We took the the Quantum as the basis for this new model and changed it up a bit to add some ‘new’ spice and flare. Design enhancements include an updated foil, outline, and contours. The ‘beak’ nose was taken out of the design for a more foiled nose with less swing weight. The nose was slightly narrowed up and the tail shape was changed from a deep swallow to a slight hip squash, keeping more surface area in the tail and making it possible to really get back on the tail for critical maneuvers. A touch more vee and double concaves were also added in the tail area. This board is best suited for smaller, flatter waves at beach breaks and on point breaks, buts the limits can be pushed by more advanced surfers. Fin set up: quad or ‘5’ fin convertible. Sizing: ride approximately 2″ – 6″ under your height.”

Shaper FAQ’s with Tim Stamps:

Where are you shaping and surfing?

My factory is in Westminster, CA, which is just in from Huntington Beach. I’m mainly surfing in the north Orange County region from Seal Beach (where I grew up) down to Newport. I mainly wander around this zone and go where the swell direction tells me.

What year did you start shaping?

I shaped my first board in the winter of 1988-89. I don’t know exactly when, but I had already been working on boards for a few years — sanding, glassing, painting, dings — and this is when I was taught the basics of shaping.

What are you currently riding?

I’m always riding different things. I like to keep it fresh and fun. I’ve mostly been riding shorter hybrid ‘performance’ shapes, fishy quads, and my Sultan egg and Javelina log here and there.

What trends have you noticed in board design recently?

I see the continuing trend of boards being built for people to have fun on…in all shapes and sizes!

What’s your shaping philosophy?

Clean, elegant curves and design principles that all work together for the desired ride and approach to the wave.

Who is your biggest shaping influence?

I was taught to shape and mentored by Rich Harbour (and I still work with him to this day). I’ve been fortunate to work with and be friends with many of the world’s top shapers and designers, seen some of the worst shapes as well, and have taught a couple people to shape — all of which have influenced me in some way. At this stage, it’s not really about who, but more about what influences me, and that is how I see waves, how they want to be ridden, and blending all of that into new inspiring shapes and designs.

What do you consider to be your expertise?

I consider my expertise to be my diversity in what I ride and what I shape, and the diversity of the people I shape for.