$ 1,075.00

5’3 x 20 1/4 x 2 5/16

Shaper FAQ’s with Tyler Warren:

Where are you shaping and surfing?

I shape in San Juan Capistrano, south Orange County. I surf all over the world, from 1ft to 20ft.

What year did you start shaping?

I was 14, so 13 years ago… year 2000.

What are you currently riding?

Everything. But enjoying this new little round 5’5” quadratic egg that is 18 3/8 x 2.25 and a 9’11” Salinas, those are the two I am riding in Cali at the moment.

What trends have you noticed in board design recently?

Wider and shorter. Everyone is trying everything. The surf world has begun to open their minds… Just need to weed out the good from the bad.

What’s your shaping philosophy?

Surfing is about having fun — your surfboard is your tool to having fun in the H20. Ride the right board for the conditions.

Who is your biggest shaping influence?

Terry Martin, Campbell Bros, Simmons, Greenough, Takayama, Steve Lis, Rich Pavel.

What do you consider to be your expertise?

I would one day like to be known for being able to shape anything well… I enjoy boards that are fast, hold speed, yet turn on a dime and paddle well.

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