5’10” Andrew Kidman Traditional Fish


$ 1,200.00

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Shaper FAQ’s with Andrew Kidman:

Where are you shaping and surfing?

I have a shaping bay on my property. I like it because I can walk down the hill and mess around with boards in the bay. Take my time to shape a board over a few days. I usually surf between Kirra and Byron bay, where ever the swell and winds are best.

What year did you start shaping?

I shaped my first board in 1985 with my next door neighbour.

What are you currently riding?

I have about 40 boards from shapers I like: Dave Parmenter, Skip Frye, Alan Byrne, Pat Curren, Simon Anderson, Mick Mackie. They all make different styles of boards that suit different waves. I ride whatever I think will work on the day. Sometimes I like riding my own boards, sometimes I want to feel and learn from what other shapers do.

What trends have you noticed in board design recently?

Flatter, thicker, single fin based surfboards, harder rails, that’s just what I like to ride. There’s so many kinds of surfing and things are subtly changing in all areas. I like that big wave surfing has refocussed on paddle in rather tow in.

What’s your shaping philosophy?

Do whatever makes you happy. There’s no rules. Glass the board to last a lifetime.

Who is your biggest shaping influence?

Dave Parmenter, George Greenough, Chris Brock, Skip Frye, Simon Anderson, Terry Fitzgerald, Dick Brewer, Alan Byrne, Mick Mackie… there’s so many, I’m influenced by everyone and everything.

What do you consider to be your expertise?

Making excuses to go surfing.