Andreini Surfboards

Marc Andreini is a shaper who needs little introduction, he’s been hand-shaping custom surfboards, with an affinity for displacement hulls, for more than half a century. A student of hydrodynamics, taking inspiration from Renny Yater and George Greenough, his boards are finely foiled objects of pure desire.


The McVee is a spiritual successor to Bob McTavish’s 1960s Vee bottom experiments, offering maneuverability and trim. This shape features a rolled bottom and deck, vee in front of the tail (think of a motor boat hull’s V shape) and goes flat behind the fins for smooth direction changes out of bottom turns. Fun in waist to head high surf.

 The Serena is a pintail version of the Vaquero, with good hold for speed and flow in powerful surf. Inspired by artist Serena Mitnik Miller.

The Vaquero is a Greenough-inspired, full outline, single fin with a rolled bottom fading into flat through the tail. In the ‘90s he revisited a hull bottom board from ‘The Innermost Limits of Pure Fun’ and conceived the Vaquero, a board that drives through the water (compared to those that skim) and allows for a deep carving sensation, creating a more tenacious connection to the wave—truly a ‘cowboy of the waves.’ Any day, all year, smooth surfing design.

See here for our past interview with Marc Andreini.

This is an example of the types of boards we carry from this shaper. For available models and sizes please email
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